The Most Popular Shades for Accent Walls in 2023

A living room with a large blue painting on the accent wall

Every year, interior design professionals collaborate with paint companies to identify the latest color trends of the year.

With earthy tones dominating the color industry in 2022, we expect the trend to continue this year.

Let’s look at some of the most popular shades for accent walls in 2023.

Dark Blue

Are you looking for an accent wall color that creates a dramatic appeal to your living space? Go for the timeless and versatile shade of blue.

Adding a dark color to your accent wall, like dark blue, will create a modern appeal to your space. Blend it with the rest of your room by painting the other walls with lighter tones of blue, like powder blue. You can also consider adding texture to the remaining walls in your room or go for a creative piece of artwork for your accent wall.

Accessorize the room with warm-colored décor.


Add warmth to your living space by choosing tones of terracotta for your accent wall.

Accent wall shades like terracotta create a rustic appeal to a room as they have a relatively more neutral tone than brighter shades like red.

Shades of Green

Shades of green continue to be the most preferred accent wall shades in 2022, and the trend is likely to continue this year.

Here are a few shares of green that can be a perfect addition to your home.


Add a touch of richness and vibrance to your room by choosing emerald as your accent wall shade. The calming shade of green is versatile and has a powerful presence that allows you to pair it with any other neutral shade.

If you plan to paint your accent wall with this shade, accessorize with warm colored décor and give a complete look to your room.

Forest Green

As earthy tones continue to be a favorite this year, we can expect forest green to remain a popular shade for accent walls in 2023.

Choosing this color allows you to create spaces that don’t only look good but also feel great.


Teal is always a great choice of shades for accent walls. The cool choice of color gives a lively feel to the room. Moreover, it can quickly turn your accent wall into the most eye-catching area of your room.

The color works well with both modern and classic interiors and adds a touch of sophistication to the entire room. Accessorize the room with gold décor to create an incredible look for your living space.

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