How to re-screen slider patio door, replace screen

How to re-screen slider patio door, replace screen

Hello, this is Dustin, with Home Mender and today we’re going to be doing everybody’s favorite. Screen door has a hole. It’s letting in bees, birds and stray children.  We’ve got to get it fixed. Let’s get to it .

1 Pull the screen door down, lift and bring out the bottom. First things first. We need to find a flat surface to lay this on. 

2 Remove the screen door handle Use a screwdriver to remove the screw securing your handle and pull the handle off.

3. Remove the old screen We want to flip it over so the spline side is up. Now we’re going to start in a corner and pull the spline. Now, pull your screen. 

4 Install the new screen Take our new screen at the end and unroll it to cover the frame. Now we take our new spline, Start in a corner and push it in the track. Now you can take your screen roller and walk it down. Now, when we get to the corner, we’re just going to fold it into the 90 degree angle. Make sure your screen is pulled tight, but we’re not going to pull it with any amount of pressure. We’re just going to keep it taut. Otherwise, it’s going to warp your screen. Keep it taut with on e hand and roll with the other.

5 Trim the extra screen and spline. After the spline is in, we’re going to cut the spline and now we’re going to trim off the excess screen, make sure you have a nice sharp blade and definitely take your time. If you have one of these stubborn strands, make sure you cut them, because if you pull them, it’s going to ruin your screen.

6 Reinstall the screen door Reinstall you screen  door handle and Now we take our newly screened door, put it back up in the track, , fit the wheels on to the lower rail and give it a test slide. 

That’s it. Easy. A new replacement screen on your slider screen door and now you could start inviting people over to your house again. For Home Mender, This is Dustin. I hope you learned something today. And if you did, don’t forget to subscribe..

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