How to paint any stairwell or staircase..

Hello, this is Dustin with Home Mender, and today we’re going to paint everybody’s favorite, t the top of the staircase. I’ve actually gone into houses and seen people who moved out and they never even painted the top of the staircase because it’s just too dangerous. It’s too big of a pain in the butt. And why pay for something that I can do myself? Absolutely. Let’s get to it.

1 Lean an extension ladder against the back wall Cut in the paint where you can reach with your extension ladder. That way you can cut in the top and some of the sides.

But Dustin, how do I get that dreaded middle part where I can’t reach from the top landing and I can’t reach from the back wall?

2. Build your stair box Use some of your scrap wood oir by a 1×12, 6’ long.

Measure your stair height. . I’ve got 8 ¼” , I’m going to build a little box for it and I’m going to cap it, the cap is three quarters thick. So with eight and a quarter stair height minus the three quarter cap, I have seven and a half. I’m going to cut (2) pieces at seven and a half. I got to seven and a half. I’m going to cap one with about a 13 inch long board.

Next, I throw a five inch board down at the bottom and screw those together.

Now we need to brace it. Set your box on your stair and then cut a board from the bottom of your top board to the next stair down. I’ve got 15 ⅝ I’m going to cut one to go under 15 and ⅝ . ow throw in another block to sure up your creation.

Cut (2) pieces ¾” shorter than your stair height.

Cut (1) 13” board

Cut (1) 5” board

Cut (1) board to go under your box yo the next stair down (mine is 15 ⅝)

Cut another board and secure your stair box as needed.

3. Set on the stairs and position the ladder as needed Ready to roll. Set your box on your stairs and move it around as needed in order to lean your extension ladder up against the sides wherever needed to finish cutting in your stairwell. Now we can get to those hard to reach areas.

So that’s it, super easy, and now you can be the envy of the neighborhood. People come over and say, “Wow who painted your staircase?” You can look at them and say, “I know a guy”.

For Home Mender, I’m Dustin. I hope you learned something today. And if you did, don’t forget to subscribe.

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