How to install or replace gutters by yourself.

Hello this is Dustin with Home Mender, and today we’re going to do everybody’s favorite outside activity, gutters.  How to replace a damaged section of gutter. Not as hard as you would think. Let’s get to it. 

1 Remove the damaged gutter all the way past the downspout to the corner and replace that whole piece. Luckily this guy has seamed gutters. . So that’s what we’re going to put back. You can also get seamless and have the gutter companies come run them off for you any length that you want.

But since these are seamed, we’re going to be putting couplings in between them.

2. Prepare the new gutter Lay out your new gutter and mark where  your downspout is going to go. Now use the drop in piece for the downspout and, lay it inside and trace inside the hole. Now, you can drill a hole through the gutter and then score with a knife and break it out of there.. Or you can use some snips. Be sure to cut your opening slightly bigger than your outline as the drop in has to… drop in. 

Drill a hole. Make sure you score an X in it also and then use a pair of pliers and wiggle it out.

Then glue in the drop in with some gutter seal. Cut to length with a hacksaw and add gutter end caps if needed.

3. Put hanging clips on the gutter. These blind screw hangers clip under the front of the gutter and onto the back, onto the gutter, onto the back. You should run one about every two or three feet. 

4 Hang the gutter Now we’re going to secure the gutter with some inch and a half exterior Phillips screws and we’re going to put our screws through the back of the gutter clip. You want to make sure when you hang it, you give it some slope towards the downspout.

That’s where you want the water to run.

5. Secure the downspout to your new gutter drop in. 2) ½ inch self tapping  screws should do it.  

6. Tie the new gutter into the existing gutter  Use a gutter coupling to tie the two ends together. Slip the two gutter ends into the coupling,  then you can wrap  tabs down in the front and secure it with a self tapper to the top. You can also throw a self tapper in the back after the gutter is hung. Apply gutter seal to the inside seams.

That’s it!  Super easy, Now you’re ready to try it yourself.  You’re amazing. For Home Mender, this is Dustin. I hope you learned something today. And if you did, don’t forget to subscribe. 

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