How to fix a ceiling crack, ceiling seam, wall seam.

Hello, this is Dustin with Home Mender, and today we’re going to be doing something that scares a lot of people. Cracks in the ceiling. Seam is coming down, but these aren’t as hard as they seem. Looks like we got a loose joint here. We’re going to get this buttoned up. Let’s get to it!

1. Scrape The first thing we’re going to do is scrape down the loose texture.:Remove anything protruding or hanging from the ceiling.

2. Tape the seam Apply fiberglass mesh tape after we get all our loose stuff off ,use self adhesive mesh Tape right along the same seam as It was taped before. It’s just going to cover better.

3. Apply a first coat of drywall mud Now we’re going to mix up some easy sand 5 minute mud and water. Like the 6” mud knife. Mix it up in your mud pan to about the consistency of mayo. Nice, gentle swirl. Try to get all the powder pockets out and get nice and smooth and you’ve got to work quick. You only have five minutes before it hardens. Nice, smooth coat over the whole thing. All one direction and you can kind of angle your knife to the ceiling on either side covering both sides of the tape. Put on a good first coat. Let that sit.

4. Give it a light sand After about 30 minutes, it’s looking pretty dry. Give it a light sand. Scrape off any high knife tracks.

5. Apply a second coat mix up a little more 5 a little thinner than mayonnaise this time. How

about a sour cream? And we’re going to put a light skim on it just to cover up the little ripples and little spots where the mesh is showing. Put on another smooth coat. Give it another thirty minutes.

6. Sand to finish Another scrape down and sand should give you a nice finish coat. When its

smooth. Youre ready to paint…If you need another coat do it.. You’ll be happier with the results!

7 Paint! We’ve got our color matched ceiling paint. This is out of the same can as the ceiling was painted with. I would suggest you not color matching ceiling paint. There’s a million different whites. More than likely you’re going to have to paint the whole ceiling. So that’s it. We just rocked that ceiling, seam repair, and now it’s like it never happened. Now you can start inviting people over to your house again.

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