How To Change Keyless Entry Deadbolt…

Hello, this is Dustin, The Home Mender, and today we’re going to be rocketing into the future with the key code on the front door. Let’s get to it.

1 Remove the existing deadbolt. The old key style lock comes out and the slide bolt.

2 Install the slide bolt hardware. Insert the slide bolt Into the side ofd the door and secure it with 2 screws.

3 Install the keypad deadbolt Use the keypad and the little mounting plate to secure the deadbolt. Keep in mind our little electronic plug in deal for the code. Now, our post is going to go in the center hole and then our wires are going to feed through this little slot next to it.

Let’s go ahead and secure that. The wires go through the bottom hole. The center post goes through the center hole and tightens down.

4 Secure the battery housing Pull the cover off the back and Use the two screw holes to secure the battery housing to the mounting plate on the inside of the door.. Plug our keypad in. It’s got a r4ed side and a white side so line up the colors and it will be installed correctly..

5 Install the batteries 4 double AAs should do it and you will here a beep when there is power to it.

6 Program your keypad Cool. Now we’ve got to program, this bad boy, your directions are going to come inside your box, so I would suggest not listening to me since mine might be different than yours anyway. But these are so sweet. You can set a code to a temporary code or a master code, and then you can give guests the temporary code.

You can always change the code if you have people moving out and you don’t have to keep getting keys back from people, which is pretty sweet, especially for kids. They don’t need to carry keys to school to get off the bus.

To program our new weiser, we’re going to hit the reset button here. Hold it down for five seconds until we hear three long beeps.

Now we have to set the door handing to get the lock to work, so I’m going to use my factory installed zero zero zero zero master code and type in zero zero zero zero lock, zero lock boom.

The handing is set. Now, I’m going to enter a new master code. So we’re going to enter our factory, install zero zero zero code, and we’re going to make a new master code.

One, two, three, four zeros and the lock.

It’s seven and the lock again.

And then do….. WaitI’m not telling you my new master code. 2 beeps says it’s good to go. Now I’m going to add a user code, so I’m going to enter my master code that allows me to change codes, not open the door.

Lock one lock and then enter my code and lock. 2 beeps tells me I’m good. Now I should be able to lock the door, hit my code, and there we have it.

That’s it, super easy, we rocked that keypad install. Your life will never be the same. For Home Mender, This is Dustin. I hope you learned something today. And if you did, don’t forget to\subscribe.

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