A Monthly Home Maintenance Checklist for Homeowners and Aspiring Contractors

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Many people delay their home maintenance, which can lead to expensive problems in the long run. This makes it important to prioritize a home maintenance checklist that helps you address any problems as they appear.

DIY home remodeling tips can help you keep up with regular maintenance of your home. If you let everything pile up, you will have too much to do.

Home maintenance courses make it possible for homeowners and aspiring contractors to take their skills to the next level. Once you turn pro, home maintenance becomes effortless.

Let’s explore a checklist for monthly home maintenance.

1. Maintain Your Bathroom

Bathroom maintenance is hardly a chore unless you let the issues pile up. You should always maintain cleanliness since it plays a part in how proactive you are in addressing problems.

Your toilet may be leaking and need to be repaired. You can create a checklist of things you need to do to maintain a functional toilet.

The most common problems in bathrooms are related to the shower heads and toilet. Water may constantly flow into your toilet bowl, indicating a need to replace the flapper or flush valve. But if you deal with these issues forthrightly, they will not escalate into bigger problems.

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DIY home remodeling tips can help you create the perfect bathroom in your home. Home maintenance courses will equip you with the necessary skills to address any toilet problems, like leaks and flushing issues.

Creating a checklist of all the things you need to inspect will help you maintain your bathroom. Without regular inspections, it is hard to identify any problems.

Your shower head may have some salt deposits that block the water flow. This is fixable if you remove the piece and clean it thoroughly. However, you must be proactive about your maintenance if you wish to avoid costly replacements.

So, some things to add to your bathroom checklist include the shower head, shower drain, sink, and toilet.

2. Inspect your Home

Home inspections are important because they allow you to identify any problems that need fixing. Before selling a house, homeowners need to invest in a home inspection to ensure they are taking responsibility for their home’s condition.

Home maintenance makes it possible to keep things in working order. You can inspect the electrical cords for damages, pipelines for cracks, and the roof for leaks. The heating and cooling systems also need to be maintained to keep them functional. The sewage system can also create problems if you are not proactive about fixing obstructions and pipeline damages.

Homes are also susceptible to fire damage. If you wish to increase your home’s value, you need to add all of these inspections to your monthly maintenance checklist.

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DIY home remodeling tips can help you fix any structural and arrangement issues. Home maintenance courses are designed to turn you into a professional handyman and take responsibility for your home. You can also get an official license that allows you to start your own business.

3. Fix your Chimney

Chimney issues can lead to leaking roofs and fireplace hazards. Your chimney’s vent may not close properly, causing smoke to enter your home. This is a major health hazard for residents, making it your responsibility to conduct monthly maintenance.

Chimney maintenance involves sealing any gaps and cracks with mortar or caulk. You also need to keep an eye out for obstructions in your chimney since leaves and small animals can find their way into the chute.

Although it is best to get your chimney professionally examined, you can become a DIY professional by investing in home maintenance courses. These will save you money in the long run since you won’t have to rely on plumbers, electricians, and handymen.

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These courses are pretty intensive and provide official accreditation for your business. You can offer your handymen services to others by leveraging the skills you learn.

As far as chimneys go, monthly maintenance involves cleaning any obstructions, fixing ventilation issues, and sealing cracks and gaps. Roof leaks can be pretty annoying to deal with and often stem from chimney issues, making it worth maintaining your home.

The Home Menders Offer Home Maintenance Courses to Earn Licenses

The Home Menders are DIY experts that provide home remodeling tips alongside other essential skills for repairing and maintaining your home.

Our dedication to our craft makes it possible for us to create intensive digital courses that help you learn the intricacies of home maintenance and repairs.

Refer to our DIY home remodeling tips to rearrange your home perfectly and keep everything in functional order. Take your home maintenance seriously and save money by investing in handyman skills for a business venture or home care.

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