A Homeowner’s Guide to Solving 4 Garbage Disposal Problems

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A malfunctioning garbage disposal system can cause problems in your house. If you wish to run things smoothly in your kitchen, you need to rely on your garbage disposal.

A modern-day kitchen has a reliable garbage disposal. Homeowners use it to dispose of food scraps and other materials by placing them inside the grinding chamber.If your garbage disposal isn’t working properly, you can find a home improvement course that helps you troubleshoot your appliances. DIY home repair tips can also address many other appliance problems.

Let’s explore a guide to solving four garbage disposal problems.

1. The Garbage Disposal Isn’t Switching On

The simplest way to fix a commonly occurring garbage disposal problem is to check the power. Sometimes the unit comes loose and loses its connection with the power source. In such cases, all you need to do is plug it back in.

Once the power is connected, your garbage disposal will likely work. If it doesn’t, other issues are worth examining, which may be the root cause.

Since the power source is typically underneath the sink, you may not even notice that the plug is no longer connected to the power source. Once it is secured inside the power source, you can press the reset button on your unit to see if it starts working.
If it still doesn’t work, it might be an issue with the circuit breaker in your home, which might have tripped. Once you turn the circuit breaker back on, your unit may start working.

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You can check if it works by running water through it, allowing you to check whether your system is receiving power.

2. You Hear Grinding Noises

Grinding noises may be a sign that your garbage disposal unit’s impellers aren’t working. DIY home repair tips can help you fix this problem by unjamming the blades. However, make sure that the power is switched off when you’re making these repairs.

Home improvement courses will tell you everything you need to know about fixing your garbage disposal system. If the blades are jammed, you need to use tools to unjam them so they can start rotating normally.If you’re dealing with rust, you can apply lubricants to facilitate movement. If the impellers are jammed due to obstructions, you need to clear them first.

Since you’re dealing with a complicated appliance, it is best to go through home improvement courses to educate yourself. These will help you figure out exactly what the problem is and give you the certification you need to sell these services.

The most important home repair tip is to avoid putting your hands in the garbage disposal. We don’t need to tell you what could happen if you do that.

3. There are Leaks

It is not uncommon for your garbage disposal system to start leaking. You can check under the sink to see if there are any puddles or water spots. This indicates that your pipes may be broken and in need of repair.

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It could also mean that your pipeline connections have loosened, making it necessary to tighten them using the necessary tools, like a wrench.

However, this is a bit technical, so you can rely on a home improvement course online to properly fix your appliance.

Modern-day garbage disposals are reliant on efficient plumbing connections. This means you need to ensure everything is in working order and fix the problem as soon as you notice leaks under your sink.

4. The Impellers are Damaged

In some cases, your garbage disposal may become damaged due to improper use over time. If you put things that are not meant to be placed inside your garbage disposal system, they will likely damage the impellers.

Over time, this can create the need for a replacement. Ensuring proper practices for disposing of your waste is essential to avoid this problem.

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You may be able to repair your blades if the damage isn’t too extensive. However, you probably cannot avoid a replacement if the blades are damaged beyond repair. In that case, you can reinstall new blades into the system by following a suitable home improvement course.

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